Boy, 6, has surgery to stop bullying for his ‘elf ears’

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SALT LAKE CITY — A 6-year-old boy recently got “life-changing” surgery in an effort to curb bullying.

According to ABC News, Gage Berger, 6, had been bullied for years for his protruding ears. His parents told ABC that he was often taunted at school, with kids calling them “elf ears.”

His parents then set up cosmetic surgery so that their son would no longer suffer the bullying.

“This isn’t any different than taking your child to get braces to ‘fix’ the appearance of crooked teeth,” said the boy’s father, Timothy.

Gage underwent “ear-pinning” surgery to help curb the size of his ears. The operation was led by Steven Mobley, who runs the Mobley Foundation for Charitable Surgery in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Mobley told ABC News he once was also the victim of teasing. He said he doesn’t always advocate cosmetic surgery for children, and that “it’s a very personal and private decision parents and children need to make together.”

Added Mobley:

“I get a lot of patients with big ears, and some of them decide they like their ears and they have the strength and resilience to stand up to bullies. But I also have other patients who are just crushed, and they shouldn’t be shamed for wanting a procedure that helps them gain back their confidence.”

Gage underwent a 2-hour operation back in September.

“He’s so much more confident,” his father told ABC News.

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