Mothers group, Mayor Emanuel speak out against violence

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CHICAGO -- Sporting hot pink sweatshirts, coats and blankets on a brisk Chicago day, the volunteers got to work. Setting up lawn chairs, firing up the grill, walking the neighborhood.

This weekend they're on patrol near 53rd and Aberdeen: the site of Monday's shooting that killed a grandmother, Lolita Wells, her pregnant daughter Patricia Chew, and left chew's son  Princeton injured just days before his first birthday.

Mothers and Men Against Senseless Killings started what they call the block/lock over the summer after a fatal shooting in Englewood.

Now they're taking the idea to other communities in need.

Building relationships is the goal of another anti-violence effort: the Preservation of Life Campaign.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel joined religious leaders, police and elected officials at a West Side church Saturday.

The meetings came after the deadliest September in Chicago in more than a decade.