Chicagoans brave heavy winds, high waves Saturday

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CHICAGO -- The Windy City is definitely earning it's moniker this weekend. Wind gusts of up to 30 miles an hour in waves up to 12 feet high have been crashing along Chicago's lakefront. But that didn't that most people from carrying on with their weekend activities.

Matt Sepiol and Katlin Yanahan woke up early to watch the sunrise, but that didn't happen. Instead they were greeted with gusty winds and high waves crashing against a brick wall, sprawling onto the sidewalk and beyond.  Bob Skirditch owns a boat that's docked in Burnham Harbor. He came out to make sure there was no damage.

Thankfully Skirditch says everything was OK. But that might not be the case for other boats still on the lake. But no amount of high winds and crashing waves would stop hundreds of participants from running in this year's Ditka Dash.

Da  Coach himself was even on hand to start the race.

Perhaps it was the layers of clothes, the orange and blue headbands, or even the bushy stick mustaches that kept the runners warm.