Mock terrorism drill held for Elgin emergency workers

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ELGIN, Ill. -- Rescue workers will test their emergency skills in a mock domestic terrorism workshop in Elgin today.  The two-day drill started yesterday and is be complete with the sights and smells of what a terrorism emergency  would be like.

Kane County applied and won a grant that made this drill possible.  It's bringing together fire, police and rescue units from all over the county.

The old Sherman Hospital is the site for the drill. It has been empty with the opening of the new hospital on Randall Rd and is set for demolition.  It's a perfect fit for this type of scenario.

Firefighters yesterday worked through several drills, including a simulated explosion and fire in the building, with help from the bomb squad.

EMS units then transported those rescued inside as part of this mock “mass casualty” event.

The training runs all day today.