Midday Fix: Spooky Halloween decorating tips

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Joseph Goratowski

Joe Perrine

Macabre Haunts presents Antioch Asylum II
Opens October 2
882 Anita Avenue

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Fake Blood:

Half cup warm water or tablespoon corn syrup, one Tablespoon powdered cocoa, one teaspoon red food coloring. Blend water and cocoa together. Add in red food coloring. Blend concoction together nicely (not vigorously -- try not to make bubbles).  Let sit for a bit. If you're not satisfied with the color, add a bit of yellow food coloring.

Rusting Technique

PVC pipes, cardboard boxes, light Fixtures, wood panels (basically anything you want to have a rusty effect!) Pint of orange/brownish latex paint, small spray bottle, two cups of sawdust, black poster paint (no oil based must be water soluble)

Purchase a pint of latex paint (orange brown type color). You can use this paint on anything you want to look like metal. You're basically making things look rusty, so use on conduit, wood panels, light fixtures, etc. If using a cardboard box, paint first with gray.  If using PVC piping, put together first in configuration before painting. With the pint of paint. add about 2 cups worth of sawdust to get the consistency of a thick oatmeal and use a really old brush/tough bristled brush to dip into paint. Using a tapping effect, tap the brush onto the material you want to look like rust. This will form clumps onto the pipe, forming patterns that look rusted. Let dry and use a spray bottle with watered down latex black paint (5 parts water/1 part paint) to spritz pipes with the paint.
A DIY'er should allow themselves 5-6 hours from start to finish (this allows ample time for dry time).

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