Kures for Kids fair debuts in honor of Emily Beazley

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CHICAGO -- On Chicago's Far South Side, the speeches were short, much like the life they honored.

Emily Beazley, whose love of Taylor Swift gained national attention, became the face of a movement to not just battle but cure childhood cancer.

Her own Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma took her life in May. But at only 12, her story inspired others.

Mike Tarczan, who lives downstate, redesigned an old police squad. Instead of saying Chicago Police, it now reads Chicago Proud, Emily Strong.

On Sunday the squad made its debut in Emily's neighborhood, driving past her family’s home on the street named in her honor -- and drawing admirers at the first ever kid's fair to benefit the foundation Emily named: Kures for Kids.

The fair served as a centerpiece for the hundreds raising money, and their hearts to the heavens, that on Sunday got filled with balloons, green and purple -- the favorite colors of one of heaven’s newest angels.

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