Rare identical triplets born in New York

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NEW YORK -- A rare birth is being celebrated in New York.

A set of identical triplets were born, and they were conceived without fertility drugs.

Doctors who delivered little Noah, Owen and Miles Fenley are calling them a medical marvel.

They say the chances of that happening are about one in a million.

The triplets weighed less than 3 pounds at birth. They are 3 months now, and thriving.

"They fertilized one egg, that egg split once, and one of the other eggs split again. So genetically speaking they are identical," said Dr. Martin Chavez, Winthrop University Hospital.

"Right now we are color coding them," said mom Kelli Henley. "Each baby has a different color. One of their toe nails is painted that particular color and we like to dress them in the same color for the day. "

The triplets have a big brother named Aiden.

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