Photo shows family for woman who lost husband while pregnant

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A widow and her son now have a memory of the impossible thanks to the work of a thoughtful photographer.

WPIX reports that Stephanie Summers lost her husband Taurean in a tragic plane crash last year.  Taurean was a paramedic and was transporting a patient hospital when his plane crashed killing everyone aboard.

Stephanie was five months pregnant at the time.  She eventually gave birth to a baby boy.

On August 27th, exactly one year after the plane crash, Stephanie contacted Arizona-based photographer Laura Gordillo.  Lauren had done an anniversary shoot for the couple previously.  Stephanie told Laurne she wanted to do another shoot to honor her late husband and the father her son never met.

“She and their adorable baby boy even wore the same color schemes she and Taurean wore for their session last year,” Laura wrote on her Facebook page.

“I edited this image late last night and I couldn’t help but cry the entire time!”  Laura continued.  “My heart broke to see what could have been, but at the same time I was so happy to execute such a beautiful image for Stephanie and her son.  I was able to create this amazing composite from the first session I took of them and add Taurean to one of the images I took of Stephanie and their little guy … I told her he is and will always be by your side just like in this picture!

Stephanie was reportedly overwhelmed with Laura’s work.

“She emailed me saying she couldn’t stop crying, that she absolutely loved it,” Laura wrote.  “She said it hurt so much and she missed him so much and she knows he would have been so in love with his son.”

Laura posted the photos and the story  on her Facebook fan page, and it has since gone viral.

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