1000-year-old skeleton found tangled up in fallen tree roots

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COLLOONEY, Dublin -- When a storm knocked down a tree in Ireland, archeologists discovered a human skeleton tangled up in the roots.

According to Sligo-Leitrim Archaeological Services, the skeleton is 1,000 years old and that of a young man between the ages of 17 and 20. He "suffered a violent death," and several injuries were seen on his ribs and hand.

SLAS says the man was given a Christian burial, but no other skeletons were found in the excavation.

"As excavations go, this was certainly an unusual situation," Dr. Marion Dowd told the Irish Times. "This burial gives us an insight into the life and tragic death of a young man in medieval Sligo."

The remains are now being analyzed. It's not known whether there are other bodies nearby.


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