40-year-old woman wears bikini at public market to promote self-love

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BOISE -- Amy Pence-Brown says her decision to stand in the busy Capital City Public Market in nothing but a bikini was "probably the most vulnerable thing I've ever done."

On Aug. 29, the self-proclaimed "Fat Feminist Mother" stripped down, put on a blindfold, and invited strangers to write hearts and messages on her body to promote a message of body acceptance.

When asked if she had any doubts about her actions, Pence-Brown answered confidently that she never had second thoughts. Her only fear was that people would not share in her message of self-love.

Pence-Brown also says that the reactions she's received after posting the video on her blog have been "overwhelmingly positive."

She hopes that one day, other marginalized groups will mirror her act of bravery and continue to inspire others to love and accept their bodies.

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