Colonoscope helps police recover 6-carat diamond woman had stolen

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Colonoscopy illustration via Thinkstock/Getty Images.

BANGKOK — A police investigation in Thailand has literally gotten to the bottom of the theft of a 10 million baht ($278,000) diamond last week.

Police Col. Mana Tienmaungpak said Sunday that a doctor wielding a colonosope and the medical equivalent of pliers pulled the 6-carat gemstone from the large intestine of the Chinese woman alleged to have stolen it, after nature and laxatives failed to get it out.

The woman and a male partner were arrested on Thursday night at Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport on their way out of Thailand on the basis of surveillance video at the jewelry fair where the duo allegedly switched a fake stone for the real one after asking to inspect it.

They denied involvement, but X-rays showed a diamond-like object in the woman’s intestine.