Suburban woman says Office Depot would not print anti-abortion flyer

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ROLLING MEADOWS, Ill. -- A Rolling Meadows woman says she’s the victim of religious discrimination by Office Depot. She claims the store refused to make copies of her anti-abortion prayer that calls for the conversion of Planned Parenthood.

Says she just wanted copies of the prayer, which was written by a Catholic priest, to hand out at church on Sunday.

Maria Goldstein wanted 500 copies of her anti-abortion flyer, so she turned to a Schaumburg Office Depot where her request for copies was politely declined.

“I returned the call and was told by somebody else that my content was restricted by corporate policy.  I asked ‘What is that policy? Can you tell me?’ And they said ‘We don’t know. I didn’t see your flyer.’”

The flyer is critical of Planned Parenthood. It decries what it calls “The evil that has been exposed” there in part by hidden-camera video taken by anti-abortion activists. But Maria says the idea was to encourage prayer and to turn some hearts.

Maria says she got nowhere with Office Depot, so she got a lawyer from public interest law firm the Thomas More society.

“In my legal opinion, there’s pretty much an open and shut violation of the public accommodation law in Cook County, which provides that a company open to the public has to serve the public without unlawful discrimination based on issues of race, of religion, of national origin,” said Thomas Olp of the Thomas More Society.

“This can’t be allowed to happen in America, a country that was founded on freedom of religion,” Maria said.  “For Jewish people, for Baptists, for any religion.  We can’t have that.”

Maria found another printing shop to make her copies but she says she won’t be satisfied until the company offers her an apology and an assurance it won’t do this to anyone else. So far that hasn’t happened.

Office Depot has not responded to our requests for a comment.