Coroner: Fox Lake officer died from single gunshot wound

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FOX LAKE, Ill. -- The Fox Lake officer killed last week died from a single gunshot wound, according to the Lake County coroner.

52-year-old Lt Charles Joseph Gliniewicz called in for backup as he chased, he said, three men in a heavily wooded area in Lake County last Tuesday. When officers arrived, they found the lieutenant shot and killed.

Coroner Dr. Thomas Rudd says he needs more evidence from the police investigation to complete the autopsy.

It is unclear if Gliniewicz suffered additional wounds. Rudd did not say.

A massive manhunt was launched to find the suspects.  It has so far turned up nothing.  Video from the area pinpointed three people, who police found, questioned and determined they had no link to the case

Investigators say they are still awaiting a final autopsy report on the lieutenant as well as more information on that transfer DNA found at the scene.

Lieutenant Gliniewicz was laid to rest Monday.

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