Boy’s eye glued shut by clinic receptionist during procedure, mother says

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BLAINVILLE, Quebec -- A mother went to a private medical clinic in Canada for help, because her son had a cut on his eyelid from the family cat.

The mother says that resulted in her 3-year-old's eye being glued shut.

Julia Vavatsikos says the doctor planned to use medical glue to close the cut.

The doctor held the boy and asked a co-worker to apply the glue, but the colleague missed the mark.

"The doctor looked like he was panicking. He was trying to open my son's eye with water and his fingers and he was even swearing at that point," Vavatsikos said.

She later found out the person assisting the doctor was the clinic's receptionist who had no medical training.

The doctor told Vavatsikos to take her son to the hospital where another doctor had to cut the boys eyelashes and carefully pry his eye open.

He's expected to be okay.

The clinic's owner says the receptionist was allowed to apply the glue because the doctor was doing the 'crucial medical act of holding the boy in place.' Adding, the incident happened when the boy suddenly moved.

The organization that regulates doctors in Quebec is now investigating.

Vavatsikos was charged $150 for her son's visit, but the clinic refunded her the fee.

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