Surveillance video captures smash-and-grab at Lansing clothing store

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LANSING, Ill. -- A high end clothing store in the southeast suburbs falls victim to a smash-and-grab robbery early Monday morning.

It happened just before 4 a.m. at Tops and Bottoms boutique, located at 16711 Torrence Ave. in Lansing.

Surveillance video shows a black SUV crashing into the front of the store, followed by six masked burglars storming the shattered doorway.

In less than two minutes, they ransacked the place, grabbing armfuls of clothing.

The store's owner thinks it might have been an inside job.

The store owner also says the cost to repair the damage they did smashing into the store will far exceed the cost of the stolen merchandise, which was worth thousands of dollars.

Tops and Bottoms is located at 16711 Torrence Ave. in Lansing, Illinois.