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Single mother asked to keep working without pay due to Illinois budget stalemate

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CHICAGO -- A developmental therapist working with disabled children hasn't gotten a paycheck in more than two months because of the state's budget stalemate.

A single mother of five, Alexandra DiDomizio tells WGN she didn't think it would last this long.

"I thought that it would be a few weeks tops. Now it's already going on two full months and I wasn't even able to get my kids school supplies because of how bad this is affecting us," DiDomizio said.

Her kids, she fears, are feeling the affects even more. Having depleted her savings, she and others in her position are being asked to continue their work. For an IOU.

"Tomorrow rent is due and I wouldn't be able to make that if I wasn't able to get a loan from a family friend," she said.

She's now looking at going on state aid, to pay her bills, worried not only about her family but the families she serves.

"You know, we have 20,000 children that are dependent on this therapy. We can have up to six providers on a case. We have occupational therapists not getting paid, physical therapists not getting paid, coordinators not getting paid, developmental therapists not getting paid, speech therapists not getting paid. No ones getting paid but we were asked to continue to work," She said.

A court order last week required the state to pay social social service providers $120 million. However, therapists like DiDomizio are independent contractors through the Department of Human services. They didn't fall under that court ruling.

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