Police say woman found getting high on canned air at Wal-Mart

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OLATHE, Kansas — Authorities in Kansas say a woman is facing charges after police found her getting high at a Wal-Mart.

According to KCTV, Melissa Ann Wright is accused of huffing Ultra Duster, an industrial-strength chemical that’s normally used to clean computers.

A witness said they saw the woman getting high Wednesday night. KCTV notes that the dusting spray has a warning on the bottle that inhaling its contents can be harmful or even cause death.

“Once it enters the system it causes the heart to become super sensitive to things like adrenaline,” Tama Sawyer, the managing director of the University of Kansas Poison Control Center, told KCTV. “So if you are frightened, you can have a heart attack.”

Police said Wright refused medical attention at the scene.

Melissa Ann Wright. (Photo via MyFox8.)

Melissa Ann Wright. (Photo via MyFox8.)

One of the dangers of huffing is that it can cause instant frost bite, and can cause a liver or kidney to shut down, experts told KCTV, adding that those who huff it don’t usually do so for the content inside, but rather for the way the huffing makes them feel, which is usually similar to a feeling of being drunk.

Police told KCTV that these days, it’s pretty uncommon to charge anyone with abusing toxic vapors, and that other drugs have become more prevalent.