Police search for suspect in Willowbrook stabbing, sexual assault

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WILLOWBROOK, Ill. -- Police in Willowbrook, Ill., are searching for the man who stabbed, beat and sexually assaulted a woman in her west suburban home Saturday night.

The 26-year-old victim is in the intensive care unit at Good Samaritan Hospital but she is able to provide detectives with information about the attack.

Police tonight think they have at least an idea of what the man looks like who attacked the woman.

The victim's sister told WGN the man who attacked her sister was described to her as skinny and around 5 feet 10 inches.  He was wearing khaki shorts, a blue shirt, and was driving a blue-gray Nissan Altima with no front license plate and possibly had an Indiana plate on the back of the car. She also told WGN that her sister has no idea who the person is who attacked her.

Police say he pulled up into the woman's driveway and asked her for money. She refused and went inside the home.  He got out and asked to use the phone; she said no through a window. Then he forced his way into the home and stabbed her 17 times, including her face, chest and her arms, which she got trying to fight back. He also beat her, breaking six bones, and sexually assaulted her.

Anyone with information should call Willowbrook Police.


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