PHOTOS: Lincoln Park Zoo’s red panda cubs prep for public debut

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CHICAGO — The Lincoln Park Zoo’s red panda cubs are inching closer to their public debut, the zoo said in a statement Tuesday.

The 2-month-old cubs Clark (male) and Addison (female), born June 26, had their second physical exams today, according to zoo officials.

The zoo said that since the cubs’ last exams earlier this summer, Clark has doubled and Addison has roughly tripled in weight.

Both cubs have surpassed milestones such as nursing and opening their eyes.

The zoo shared new photos and a video of the cubs Tuesday as officials prepare for the animals’ public debut.

“The red panda cubs continue to be healthy and curious of their surroundings. The cubs are often seen trying to explore outside of the den before quickly being scooped up by their mother Leafa,” said Lincoln Park Zoo curator of mammals Mark Kamhout in a statement. “With this behavior we anticipate the cubs will be ready to make their public debut within the next several weeks.”

Check out the latest images of the cubs in the gallery above.