It’s not Heinz ketchup, it’s ‘tomato seasoning’: Israel

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ISRAEL — Heinz ketchup is no longer ketchup in Israel.

The country’s health ministry says Heinz ketchup should be called, “tomato seasoning.”

They ruled the product does not contain enough “tomato solids” to be considered ketchup.

The ruling came after a complaint from local competitor, Osem.

Osem claimed Heinz ketchup contains 21 percent tomato concentrate, rather than the 61 percent that it claims.

Israeli food standards require ketchup to have 41% tomato concentrate.

The Heinz distributor in Israel says Osem’s claims, “have no substance.”

“The word Ketchup is indicated in English on the front of the bottle while recognising that the Israeli standard for ketchup has yet to be brought in line with US and European accepted international standards, the back label of our ketchup sold in Israel reflects current local requirements for ingredient labelling and the Hebrew name for the product,” said Nigel Dickie, Heinz’s Director of Corporate and Government Affairs.

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