No scoreboard till Saturday for Fox during Bears workouts with the Colts

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Bears linebacker Shea McClellin covers Colts running back Zurlon Tipton during a joint practice in Indianapolis on August 20th.

INDIANAPOLIS – It’s an opinion that often becomes fact during a session which scores are not kept.

Who won a scrimmage when there are early whistles, no hitting of the quarterback and no running clock to contend with? It can depend on the opinions of those watching-from the coaches to the media or sometimes fans.

John Fox certainly has some of those opinions. It’s his job to have them. For two days he watched his top units match-up with those of the Colts in Indianapolis, getting an idea of how far his Bears team is along in adapting to new systems in 2015.

It’s a heck of a test considering the Colts are considered one of the favorites to reach Super Bowl 50 in February.

But it Fox had an opinion he kept it to himself. Or maybe he, unlike many others, really doesn’t keep score in his head when it’s not done on a board.

“Without going back and looking at every play on tape, it’s hard for me to say who won something you don’t keep score of,” said Fox when asked if his defense won the day against the Colts’ offense led by Andrew Luck.

The only winner and loser for the Bears’ four days in Indianapolis will come on Saturday when they face the Colts in a preseason game at Lucas Oil Stadium at 6:30 P.M. Of course the score in that game won’t really weigh much on Fox’s mind considering the starters will see maybe a quarter of action in the contest.

If anything you could consider the game a more elevated third practice for the coaches and players. Most of the time will go to finding the backup players of the team as is pretty much the case in the entire preseason. While it’s unknown how the Saturday workout will go, Fox has been pleased with the team’s work through the first two days.

“All in all it was a great couple of days of practice and today was another one as well,” said Fox of the workouts with the Colts-the first for the Bears against another team during training camp in well over a decade. “We’re probably not as oiled up in two-minute drill as Indy is in this stage but all in all I was pleased.”

That’s to be expected considering that the considering the Colts’ offensive unit has been together for nearly three full years. The Bears’ defensive unit is still adjusting to a new 3-4 scheme with a collection of personnel new to Chicago or even a particular position.

Perhaps the best thing for the Colts was facing quarterback Andrew Luck who is considered one of the elite signal callers in the league. His abilities both in and outside the pocket presented the relatively new defensive unit a chance to face the best three times in four days

“He’s the type of guy who could run, who could sit in the pocket. There’s different angles that you’ll have to rush him,” said linebacker Pernell McPhee of Luck. “Instead of going against Jay (Cutler) everyday in practice, you have to be disciplined in your rush where you can’t go to high or Andrew will take off on you, or you can’t come in early or he’ll take off.

“He’s a great quarterback.”

Luckily the Bears will only have the score kept against them once during the three times they faced him this week.

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