Midday Fix: Garden troubleshooting tips from Tu Bloom

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Bamboo Rescue: Recognizing a stressed plant
Yellow leaves/yellow stalks means that something is not right with your plant.
If grown in water and gravel, remove the plant from its planter and examine the roots
Clean your plant’s rootsystem of dead/damaged roots and replace it into fresh clean water
If part of the stalk is yellow, cut any damaged portion off with a sharp pruner and try to re-root the remaining green stalk.

Improper Soil Care: Droopy plants does not equate to adding more water or plants needing fertilizer!
When a plant is drooping, before watering or feeding, examine why your plant may be stressed.
The two most common mistakes that causes people to lose their plants are from watering and over fertilizing.
If your plant’s soil is dry or noticeably extremely dry – the first step is to give them sufficient water to see if this will do the trick. (Extremely dry plants can be left in a shallow water dish to help the root ball get completely saturated for a few hours).
If when examining the stressed plant that the soil is moist… do not automatically assume that it needs plant food… in fact DO NOT FEED stressed plants! This is because most plant food has various salts and other minerals to help the plants roots and or leaves (if it’s a foliar spray) to absorb the fertilizer quickly… this will only stress/damage your plants further.

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