Would-be burglar poses as repair man, swoops in from rooftops

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CHICAGO --  Is there a cat burglar posing as a construction worker in the South Loop?

One man says he caught him--just not red handed.

A resident was working from his home in the building of 1918 S Michigan Ave Tuesday afternoon.  His patio door was open and from his living room, Les Reed watched a stranger propel down onto his balcony to do “work” no one in the building authorized.

The stranger said he was working on sealing “leaks.”

Reed is on the condo board and knew nothing about any leaks. Neither did anybody else on the board or with the property manager's office. But while Reed was making calls to investigate this stranger on his patio, the guy outside actually got to work.

Then Reed claims the alleged worker on the patio took off and climbed up to the rooftop to get away. He never stole a thing.

Reeds' nephew thinks this random caulking cat burglar may have stalked then struck other buildings in the area too.

The condo board sent around an email today telling residents to be on alert and keep windows and balconies locked and to report anything suspicious.