Woman targets neighbor with insulting ‘For Sale’ sign

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DALLAS --  A "For Sale" sign in Texas says less about the house and more about the neighbor.

The sign was posted after a dispute between two neighbors in Farmers Branch, Texas.

Lisa Price says her neighbor reported her to the city because her four dogs were barking.

That led to a $121 fine.

And that led Price to put her house up for sale, but she might not attract any buyers.

The sign reads, "For sale by owner because my neighbor is a douchebag."

"For the right price," answered Price when she was asked if the house is really for sale.  "We thought maybe that would help him to back off."

The neighbor has been out of town.

Other neighbors gave mixed reviews.

"I think it's marvelous," said Jim Jay.  "I think the name she called him is appropriate.. It could have been a lot cruder."

"I laughed.  Posted it to Facebook," said Dede Son.

"The sign's a little distasteful," said Ann Felton.  "It's not what I put out there."

City officials consider the sign to be legitimate since it meets the requirements for  a real estate sign.