Man missing from Ohio Street Beach found safe at home

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CHICAGO -- Divers, boats and helicopters were out overnight and this morning looking for a man who was reported missing at a Chicago beach. But after a lengthy search, police found the missing swimmer at home in Cicero.

Chicago police sent officers in the west suburb over to his residence, which is what they normally do in a case like this.  They say he's fine, and somehow he found a way home without his friends knowing.

The man and two friends went swimming at about 11:00 Sunday night off the Ohio Street Beach in the 600 block of North Lake Shore Drive.  The friends remember seeing him in the water but they don't remember seeing him come out.  When they walked back to the car, the man wasn't there and they realized he was missing.

Nearly an hour went by before the friends called 911 and the Marine Unit, Fire Department boats, divers and a chopper began the search and rescue operations.

The Marine Unit and Fire Department suspended their search between 2:30 and 3 a.m.  The Coast Guard continued looking for the 24-year-old.

Then after sunrise police and firefighters returned.  A Coast Guard helicopter and a Fire Department chopper flew over the area several times.  With the water calm and clear, conditions were ideal for a search.

Police say the swimmers had all been drinking.