Koala chases woman riding an ATV in Australia

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HEYWOOD, Australia -- Here in the United States, we think of koalas as cute and cuddly little bears, but a viral video from Down Under has showed the animal's wild side.

In the video, a persistent koala chases Australian dairy farmer Ebony Churchill as she tries to ride away on an ATV. The terrified woman narrated the pursuit, crying, "far out, it's coming! Get away, get away. Oh my God, now it's coming up on there. I can't move. Where the bloody hell is it?"

When she eventually stops the bike and jumps off, she finds the not-so-cuddly creature latched on to the back tire.

Churchill told a local news paper she believed the koala was chasing her because he was "in love with her," and she had turned him away. With the animal's razor-sharp claws and teeth, it's no wonder she didn't want anything to do with her marsupial suitor.

The animal's behavior was "very unusual," according to Bill Ellis, Director of the Koala Ecology Group at the University of Queensland. He says koalas don't usually approach vehicles or people, especially in the daylight, and that Ms. Churchill was very lucky she got away.

"A wild koala is quite a dangerous animal to deal with unless you know what you're doing," he told a Melbourne news station. "They've got super sharp claws and really strong and very sharp teeth. They can do quite significant damage."

So next time you're at the zoo and wish you could cuddle with the furry little tree-huggers, remember that you may not like it when they hug you back.