Chris Emma discusses the Northwestern union decision on Sports Feed

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CHICAGO - A revolution was building on the north shore of Lake Michigan.

Started in 2014 the Northwestern University football team sought the right to form a union in hopes of protecting their health interests for the future while also getting a little money outside of their scholarships for the present.

It was a landmark movement that figured to shake up the college football landscape if the National Labor Relations Board would indeed recognize the Wildcats as union.

On Monday the board decided to stop the union movement for the moment.

Citing the fact that they can only aid private sector businesses and that most NCAA institution schools are private, the NLRB decided to take no action to further the player's movement to unionize.

Chris Emma, a reporter and writer for 670 The Score, has covered this subject since it began and came on Sports Feed on Monday to discuss it. He also talked Bears, Cubs and Sox with Jarrett Payton and Josh Frydman.

To hear Emma talk about the Wildcats and Bears, click on the video above. To hear him talk Cubs and Sox, click on the video below.