Beloved ‘Baltimore Batman’ who visited sick kids killed along highway

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HAGERSTOWN, Md. -- A man who dressed as Batman to visit sick children in hospitals was killed on a highway in Maryland Sunday night.

According to The Washington Post, Lenny B. Robinson, 51, had pulled his custom-made Lamborghini "Batmobile" off to the side of the road after the car had broken down when he was coming home from a car show in West Virginia. When Robinson got out of the car to see what was wrong, another car hit the batmobile, which then struck and killed Robinson.

Robinson became a viral sensation after the dashboard video of an encounter he had with the police went viral. The cop had pulled over Robinson's Batmobile because its plates were invalid. They displayed only the Bat symbol.

After leading a successful career in the cleaning business, Robinson saved up enough to purchase his one incredibly realistic Batmobile and Batman costume. He then devoted himself to visiting children with cancer in hospitals all across Maryland and Washington D.C., bringing smiles to the faces of the kids who got to meet their favorite superhero.

Robinson worked closely with Hope for Henry, a D.C. organization that helps sick children, the Washington Post reported. Founded by Laurie Strongin and Allen Goldberg after their son Henry died from a rare disease, the group threw super hero parties in hospitals. Batman was always the star.

“He made so many kids so happy,” Strongin told the Post. “When I asked him to do anything, he always said yes.”