Kennedy shooting is 26th expressway shooting this year

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CHICAGO -- The Illinois State Police says it is working to increase its expressway patrols after an early morning shooting on the Kennedy Expressway this morning.

The shooting remains under investigation.  It was the 26th shooting on an area expressway this year.

Just after 5 a.m., a man was driving to work at O’Hare heading outbound on the Kennedy.  His fiancé says an SUV cut over into his lane began shooting near Sayre Ave. The SUV followed him until he got off the expressway and called police.

No one was injured.  The outbound Kennedy was shut down from the junction to Sayre for two and a half hours during the morning rush causing major traffic delays and backups.

State police say in these cases, they have to shut down the roadway to comb it and search for any bullet casings - a scene that’s becoming more and more common.

In 2010, six shootings happened on area expressways.  This year, that number is already more than 4 times higher at 26.  12 peoples have been injured.  No one has been killed.

The last deadly shooting, happened last summer on the Dan Ryan.   25-year old Jasmine Curry, a pregnant mother of five was killed.

State police say they’re planning to increase patrols on expressways to prevent these shootings.  They say the majority are gang related rather than random acts of road rage.

Authorities plan to hold a press conference on Wednesday to announce plans to beef up what’s called “Operation Ryan’s Hope,” a detail created last year to prevent shootings on the expressway.