Chicagoans try to keep cool during extreme heat

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CHICAGO -- Chicago is dealing with a third consecutive day in the mid-90s, and plenty of people were out and about Sunday trying to keep cool.

With temperatures soaring up to 95 degrees, and the sun beating down on the city, you could find plenty of people ready for a "spit shower" under the Crown Fountain at Millennium Park.

Patricia Eagle brought her 1-year-old grandson D.J. from the West Side to cool down, downtown.

"So he could cool off some, get him away from his mother for a while and we're just having a ball out here," she said.

Sander Peterman of Hyde Park simply wanted a shower.

"It's been crazy hot. We walked down to the lakefront and it was just, we were sweating buckets. It was terrible," he said.

It was the kind of day to pack an umbrella for protection from the sun, to seek shade under a tree and maybe open the shirt one extra button.

Tourist Andrew Naylor was beating the heat with an ice cream cone.

"It is, it's very, very hot. I'm from the UK, so we're not quite used to these kinds of temperatures," he said.