Alleged victim went to Kane’s house to accompany friend: report

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HAMBURG, NY -- The rape investigation of Patrick Kane has led to a few more reported details.

The alleged victim's friends are telling The Buffalo News when Patrick Kane invited her and friend back to his house she didn`t want to go, but she went because her friend wanted to and she didn`t want her to go alone.

The woman claims on the morning of August 2, Kane overpowered her and raped her in his home outside of Buffalo after a night of partying at a bar.

Her friends say they are only speaking out because they are upset by the comments made by the owner of the bar.  He says he saw a young woman “hanging all over” Kane, and being very forward and flirtatious.

He also says he saw a woman and her friend follow Kane, and one of his friends, as they left the bar.

Law enforcement sources tell the paper the woman who says she was raped is not the woman who wanted to go to his home.

Erie County District Attorney  Frank Sedita is not confirming or denying an investigation is underway, and says he doesn’t comment on cases, but general speaking he says:

“I don’t turn the heat on somebody because they are a celebrity and I don’t give them a break because they are a celebrity. Everybody is treated equally and with the same standard that we apply to every case which is  just credible evidence like we see in a court of law demonstrating that a crime has been committed.”

EA Sports announced Wednesday it’s dropping Kane from the cover of its game NHL 16 in light of the ongoing investigation.

The original cover had Kane and Jonathan Toews with the Stanley Cup, but now Toews will be by himself.

There’s no word on what will happen with the rest of Kane’s endorsement deals with companies like McDonald’s, Bauer Hockey Equipment, and Chevrolet.  They all say they are aware of the investigation and have no comment.

There’s also been no comment from Kane or his attorney.


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