Indiana mayor arrested for patronizing prostitute; prostitute arrested for not disclosing HIV

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BATESVILLE, Ind. — The mayor of a small southeastern Indiana town was arrested on Tuesday for allegedly patronizing a prostitute.

The male prostitute was also arrested, charged with prostitution, intimidation and failure to disclose the fact that he had HIV.

Mayor Richard C. Fledderman, 60, is accused of paying for sex acts with Randy Wigle-Stevens, 42, of Indianapolis, Ind., back in June, according to RTV6. Wigle-Stevens did not tell Fledderman about his HIV status before they engaged in sex acts, and the prostitute also reportedly blackmailed Fledderman after the encounter, officials say.

The investigation was prompted when Wigle-Stevens checked himself into a hospital on July 19, saying that Fledderman had assaulted him.

During the June encounter, Wigle-Stevens says that while he was giving Fledderman a massage, the mayor tried to kiss him and force his head into his groin. Fledderman says that all acts were consensual. The mayor paid Wigle-Stevens $170 after the massage. The two then reportedly discussed politics for three hours.

According to police, Fledderman gave Wigle-Stevens another $250 a few days later. The mayor says this was blackmail, but Wigle-Stevens claims it was for the extra time they spent together.

Anyway you cut it, it’s big news for the small town of about 6,500 residents.

“You can go around any street in this town,” Batesville resident Andy Gutzwiller told RTV6. “It is definitely the talk of the town.”

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