Hospital bends rules so ailing couple of almost 70 years can see each other

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FAYETTEVILLE, Ga. — An ailing couple from Georgia who have been together nearly 70 years recently got to spent time together while ill thanks to the hospital they were staying in breaking state rules.

Tom and Arnisteen Clark were in private, separate rooms at Piedmont Fayette Hospital in Atlanta, Ga., last week, according to USA Today.

They were required to stay in the separate rooms because of state regulations, according to USA Today.

But last week the hospital shared a photo on Facebook, which has since gone viral, that shows the two together.

The hospital wrote in their post that staff “went above and beyond to make a special arrangement for Tom, 96, to visit his wife, in her room.”

The hospital added that Tom was overcome with joy  when he got to stay with Arnisteen, 92.

“I just can’t be away from her, she’s the finest woman in the world,” he said, according to the hospital.

The post got thousands of likes, shares and comments in the days to follow.

“Here’s hoping for a speedy recovery for the Clarks and many more happy years together,” wrote the hospital.

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