Your Money Matters: Gen Z employees in the workplace

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Marilyn Bird
Robert Half

Gen Z

They’ve grown up in a very turbulent time economically – and they’ve seen their parents and grandparents struggle with major life changes. Their attitudes and views take these experiences into account – Gen Z craves stability and financial security – so they look carefully at firms that have a stable track record.

People in this generation want bosses who can be mentors and offer guidance to them as they navigate their careers. They want consistent feedback and tools to do their jobs and succeed.

Strengths: creativity, innovation, technology skills. They are looking for ways to improve upon processes or invent new ways to solve challenges.  They will likely use technology to help them solve these tasks.

Areas for coaching: soft skills. They may benefit from polishing up on formal writing, communication and presentation skills to be more successful at work.

Gen Z employees want to work in a collaborative workplace where they can interact face-to-face with managers and colleagues.