Talented young cousins rap against Chicago violence

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CHICAGO -- Two cousins, an 11-year-old girl and a 6-year-old boy, are talented Chicago cousins with dreams of careers in the arts.

Kamari Jones started rapping a couple of years ago, just like his dad.

When Kamari's father realized his son was going to rap, he was going to make sure the message his son is sent was a positive one.

On Friday Kamari and his cousin Tyla’s first music video was released. “Don’t Shoot” is a topic both are faced with all too frequently.

Kamari’s dad and fellow rapper Demond Williams also stepped in as the men behind the Talented Kids Organization, which focuses on grooming young Chicago kids in the performing arts -- and keeping them focused on a positive future.

Kamari and Tyla have been singing together for about a year now. The music focuses on education, play and social change. A second music video is in the works, while family and friends hope the first goes viral -- if not to show off all their hard work, to show off the change they hope to make in their neighborhood.