Target to remove gender-specific labels from stores

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.
Teen responsible for recent security breach at Target stores

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. –Target is getting rid of gender-specific signs in its stores.

The retail chain, which is headquartered in Minneapolis, wants to change the way children shop for items. They announced the changes in a statement that was posted on their corporate website.

Labels reading either “boys” or “girls” will get cut from the toy, bedding, and entertainment departments. The signs will stay in the clothing sections though.

Colors like pink and blue will also get removed from displays.

Target says the idea came from customer feedback.  Changes will start in the next few months.

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  • Kelly

    OK, so it is an intelligence test for their customers to see who can ACTUALLY figure out what kinds of things kids like to play with, and how excited little boys will be to sleep on bedsheets with the Little Pink Pony on them, Tinkerbelle, Strawberry Shortcake…..Oh, it will be just adorable fun, watching their low-information customers figuring it out. What an insult!

    • ann

      That’s an ignorant comment. Targets policies are not due to any one political party. I’m a “liberal ” and think this is an idiotic move by Target. Can’t stand Repukelicans who generalize and make blanket statements about all liberals. Just keeps proving to me the ignorance of many of those on the right.

  • yolanda

    This is so ridiculous, regardless if people believe it may offend trans gender, don’t they still relate to a gender, if you were born girl and feel boy or vise verse you still identify with a gender, so stupid.

    • Ellen Andromeda Fry

      This has nothing to do with trans gender people. This has to do with little girls who want to play with science kits and little boys who want to play with my little ponies. Sure, the parents can just go in the other aisles, but it’s confusing to kids to be told that there’s boys’ toys and girls’ toys, and then try to understand that they don’t always have to follow that. It’s better for all the toys to just be for all the kids, and the kids can just like what they like.

      • Irene Howard

        and nobody has ever stopped any child from playing with each others toys. I played with toy guns back in the 60s while my little brother played with our Barbies….Its sad that a boy is being shamed for wanting to be a boy and a girl is too. Our society is screw, it has no more common sense

  • Terry Pounds

    Huh, the only complaints from offended people I see here are those bothered by this decision. From what the article said this wasn’t born out of complaints or outrage but from customer feedback. I like the idea that kids can decide for themselves what they like.