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Suburban family searches for dog gone missing while they were on vacation

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PALATINE, Ill. --  At 5 years old, Digger the dog is the leader of his pack..

But a pack of three dogs is now missing its leader, because Digger got away.

His owner, Todd Caponi, said when his family went on vacation to California last week, they boarded their three dogs at Baxter and Beasley, a mile from their home in Palatine, Ill.


The family is searching,  leaving clothes out in the yard for scent, putting up signs, warning people that Digger will likely run away if chased. They even chartered a chopper for a view from above.

They’re hopeful that someone sees Digger and calls. He's microchipped but doesn’t have his normal collar on; the kennel takes it off during boarding.



  • amhs

    I have a hard time believing that dog could scale an 8ft fence, and if it did you would think it would be injured upon landing. Just sounds a little odd. I truly hope this family gets their dog back!

    • marie

      Dogs most definitely can, climb an 8 foot fence. In fact, they can climb a lot higher than that. Which is why, a good kennel, will have fencing on top as well, preventing such a tragedy. My heart goes out to Digger and his family. I too, have been victim of a lost pet. Worst experience of my life!

    • Abaker

      My own dog has scaled an 8′ fence surrounding an inground pool, without injury to himself upon landing on the concrete pad. I do board my dogs when I can’t take them with me, but the kennel staff knows his delight in scaling fences, so he is in a topped run and is NEVER allowed out unsupervised.

    • Todd Caponi

      Thank you for everyone’s support & prayers! We’re still looking. No hits as a result of this story. Digger has never even scaled a couch…so this is truly out-of-the-ordinary. He’s not a climber. And, of our 3 dogs, he’s the only one we can have “off leash”…as he never runs. The other two would. Definitely out of character. I’ll try to continue to provide updates.

  • Sharon

    Will someone please explain to me how this makes the news in a major metropolitan area? I mean, I am sorry for this family, but a lost dog? That’s some hard-hitting journalism. Great job, WGN!

  • Ross C

    Sharon, next time you feel like commenting, stop yourself. It’s one thing to have these thoughts. It’s quite another to publish them. Apparently trying to help a family doesn’t qualify as news to you. It may not matter to you, but perhaps it does to others. And if you don’t like it, you have the freedom to watch something else. And thank you WGN for trying to offer help to a family in need.

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