Victims’ families speak out after 2 shot and killed in Roseland

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

CHICAGO – The families of two people shot on Chicago’s South Side spoke out today as they grappled with their grief.

William Drake and his girlfriend Briona White were gunned down in an alley in Chicago’s Roseland neighborhood on the city's far South Side Thursday.  Drake was shot in the head. White suffered several gunshot wounds, and died at the hospital.

"My son was simply walking down the street with his girlfriend,” Drake’s mother said.

White’s parents say she was an aspiring orthodontist and a star student who was about to start her senior year in college at Kansas State.   She had just spoken with her mother about getting away from the south side violence.

“With everything that's going on here, she was just excited to leave the city, all of the killings, the violence, she was just excited to go back,” Monica White said.  “I'd like everybody to remember her smile, because I think that was the biggest thing that made her who she was."

Her grief-stricken parents struggled to speak to the media today and repeatedly asked to “put the guns down.”

Police identified drake as a "documented gang member," but today his mother took issue with that characterization telling the media at a news conference, "Every African American  male who is killed on the streets of Chicago, is not a gang member."  She then picked up a microphone and threw it back at reporters.

Police say they continue to investigate these crimes, and stand by their description of Drake as a "documented gang member."

Both victims’ families are asking anyone with information to go to police.

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1 Comment

  • Ismael

    I am sorry for this family’s loss. The sad story is that a bullet cannot tell between good and bad and even sadder that no one will come forward and help police. The police needs the citizens help in fighting crime and when you stay silent then you cannot complain about crimes not being solved. The police cannot be everywhere. You “as a community” need to speak up not just march.