Fans react to Patrick Kane investigation

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CHICAGO — Police confirmed the investigation of an incident that allegedly occurred at the home of Chicago Blackhawks' Patrick Kane.

Kane is not charged with a crime, but that's not keeping Blackhawks fans from having an opinion on the situation.

WGN's Nancy Loo reports.



    • Kayla

      Ummmm, it would be sad for the victim and her family…not you.
      Who cares about the fans? Boo hoo, get over it. He is not your friend.

      • Ben

        It would be detrimental to the victim and very disturbing for all of those who are Blackhawk fans and from Chicago. Thousands of people wear sweaters with his name on it, for him to have possibly commit a crime of this magnitude is disgusting.

  • Shooter

    There are hordes of women who throw themselves at super rich star athletes in the hope of an extortion meal ticket.

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