Students, parents protest new CPS start times

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

CHICAGO --  Some Chicago Public School students and parents protested today against new start times at more than 80 schools this upcoming year.

CPS officials say this will cut transportation costs and save $13.5 million dollars.

But some students say shifting start times is the wrong way to do it.  They raise concerns about extra responsibilities, extracurricular activities and safety.

82 schools are scheduled to make the change.

CPS officials say they've heard the concerns and are working to get all extracurricular activities and athletic competition times worked out and are doing all they can to ensure students will be safe.

They released a statement saying:

We sympathize with the families who are impacted by the change to staggered bell times, but our priority is to keep cuts away from the classrooms wherever possible. With safety at top of mind, we will continue to work with school leaders and families to ensure a smooth transition to the upcoming school year while protecting in-class instruction time and extra-curricular activities. We will also continue to focus on preventing deeper cuts and more unsustainable borrowing by working with our partners in Springfield on a comprehensive solution.

School starts September 8th.


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  • Well....

    I think the main complaint is the entitled
    Not wanting to have to give up or give a little something back to help the very city who provides their children free bus service to and from school and more or less a free public school education.
    All I have to say is this. If you do not like nor agree to the change of school days time changes.
    Well… Than move, maybe enroll your children in a private school or think of another handout that you can give back so it would offset the money they would be saving on staggered bus times.
    The city is Broke with a capital B.
    Look out Detroit it looks like your neighbor to the West is getting ready for that bankruptcy filing soon.

  • Jim

    Are they serious? Are they actually serious? Your school system is broken…completely broken. They are lucky sports haven’t been scrapped completely. They’ll be in for a real treat when their adult workday starts at 8:30am and they don’t leave until after 6:00pm.