Small town has red light cameras bringing in millions

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

LAKEMOOR, Ill.  --  The town only has about 6,000 people but its red light cameras, at only one intersection, are pulling in millions of dollars.

The town is Lakemoor, on the border of Lake and McHenry counties.

WGN’s Tom Negovan has the full story.

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  • Adam

    Tom, I viewed this on the news last night and I admit you have me stumped. My question is, what is that actual point of the story? Is it that a town this small sees more revenue (possibly, not sure of the actual numbers,) per-capita than most red light camera towns? Is it about the rear-end collision accidents at the corners? I don’t normally engage online but I am actually interested in the POINT of the article. Full disclosure, I have received two tickets at that intersection since the installment and both times was caught red-handed, no debate. I would anticipate that most rear-end collisions happen because the person assumes that whoever is in front of them is going to roll the the light, therefore creeping right up in to their bumper causing an accident. These cameras have been making some second guess that decision. I’ll take your answer offline if you wish, thank you.

  • Eric

    Well Adam, many people are making legal (full) stops, then turning right on red. They are turning right on red in designated right turn lanes, when the opposite way has left on green, and there are no signs that state “no right turns on red”. Then the defense for the ticket does not include malfunction or decision error. And the ticket offers no opportunity for questioning the situation. It only offers technical and logistic customer service automated service. No face to the situation (terrible). Since people are getting tickets for: following the traffic laws and practicing good judgement, it is a SCAM. Since cameras were installed on an intersection where there has not been an accident (I have witnessed) in the 10 years I have been in Volo, it is a SCAM. Since this camera system is in addition to the officers that camp out at Fratello’s/Dunkin Donuts, it is a SCAM. For the argument of safety, since there are no pedestrian situations, railroad tracks, schools, churches, parks, paths, or residential, it is a SCAM.

  • Bobby

    This light is a complete scam! I got 3 red light tickets for making a complete stop and then turning right on red at this intersection. There’s NO sign there saying you can’t turn right on red. None! I will NOT pay the fines. COMPLETE SCAM and they know it… It will turn out that they’ve been scamming and ripping drivers off and have to pay back millions! Why not investigate the scam???

  • jerry moran

    Got caught in this scam once. White line for right turn is nowhere close to where you can see traffic to make a decision if safe to turn on red. So you pull up to where you can see the traffic and TICKET. Will never give Lakemoor or whatever they are calling themselves these days any business even if they remove the cameras. Don’t do business with these lakemoorons. shady town at best

  • Mary Steinsdoerfer

    We recently got a ticket ($100!!) for not stopping for the full 3 sec when I was turning right while cross traffic had a red light! It was ridiculous and no one was in anyway put in danger!! I sent a note to them with my extortion payment because that is exactly what this is. This light is a scam and there must be something that citizens can do to stop this! I avoid this intersection whenever I can and will not do business there or attend any of their events because of this. Let the citizens of this town put the pressure on their blood thirsty weasel of a mayor who cares SO MUCH about safety!! It is a shame for the businesses to do this but what else are we supposed to do?! This is EXTORTION an abuse of power and the law! That mayor should be ashamed of himself! Shame on lake moor!!