Tender moment in Tennessee captures heart of the web

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

A moment of kindness in Tennessee was captured on camera and has since gone viral thanks to social media.

17-year-old Kailen Young is an employee at Hardee’s in Knoxville, Tennessee.  Recently he helped an elderly lady to her car.

“I opened up the door for her and when she started to walk I saw that her car was at least all the way across the parking lot so I decided to stop everything and help her walk to her car,” Kailen told WGN via Skype.

David Yardly witnessed the action, snapped a picture and posted it on Hardee’s Facebook page.

“He really impressed me in how he cared for her,” David said. “And he just very gentle and very sweet and you see that he genuinely cared for this lady.”

Kailen says he is shocked and humbled by the attention.

“It’s surprising how big it’s gotten just based on doing something that I regularly do.”

That photo grabbed the attention of Hardee’s corporate who rewarded Kailen with a bonus of a thousand dollars.

He plans to use it for school expenses.  He's still in high school but plans to go to the University of Tennessee to major in engineering and work in computers.

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  • Marceen Peters

    Wow! Kailen Young! Way to have your eyes open. God has big plans for you! Thank YOU for your courageous mindful caring act! So glad it made you feel good too! You’re a great example to …..millions! Happy for you! Give Honor to ya mama for instilling the goodness in you. I’m sure she is blown away by the huge response too! Much respect to you & your mom!! Yayyye!! Good People!! :) <3

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