Man arrested for shooting down drone he says was hovering over daughters in yard

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

HILLVIEW, Ky. — A Kentucky man looked up in the sky above his home and wasn’t happy with what he saw: a drone. He shot it down, and believed he was right to do it.

47-year-old William Merideth was arrested for shooting down the drone. Merideth used a 12-gauge shotgun to bring it down after he says the drone was hovering over his yard where his two daughters were sitting.

But the drone’s owner, David Bogg, fired back against Merideth’s claims. Bogg said he was flying the drone at more than 200 feet over Merideth’s home. The video he received from the drone company showed it quickly passing by Merideth’s home before it was shot.

But Merideth told CNN there was more than one flight that day.

“We were in our own yard, had he been flying around and never stopped over my house, we wouldn’t be having this conversation,” Merideth said.

Merideth was arrested after the incident on charges of wanton endangerment and criminal mischief. But Merideth said he was defending his right to privacy, saying the drone was hovering just 10 feet above his property.

William Merideth  (Bullitt County Detention Center)

William Merideth (Bullitt County Detention Center)

Both men say the facts will prove them right.

Bogg said he wants an apology from Merideth. Merideth says no way — and that he’ll see him in court.

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  • Joymar

    Drones are going to become a more serious problem. Before that happens, legislation must be enacted to put controls on them. The same should be done for guns.

    • Eric

      Commercial planes fly at 30,000 ft he’d be hard pressed to use a 12 gauge on one. Come to mention it if the drone was actually at 200ft as the owner states it would have been a pretty tough shot…

  • Doc Holliday

    Deny shooting it down, make the police prove you shot it down. Blame it on another neighbor, wear a mask and do not walk out your back door carrying the shot gun and get caught on Video.

  • john john

    look ya little pervert with the drone, you had no business flying your little camera over his yard and perving his daughters. if you were flying that drone at 200 feet like you said, that shot gun would not have been able to bring your drone down. buckshot would have scattered alll over. sounds to me it was a lot closer thatn what you say. best pray yo u dont get some buckshot in your behind!!

    • gofuk

      Yeah you aren’t that bright are you? For starters he’s already admitted his daughter wasn’t in the backyard at the time. He’s also been caught lying on the altitude issue, the drone has onboard GPS tracking showing the exact altitude and speed and flight path. the drone never entered his property, never dropped below 180 feet, and was shot over his neighbors property… not his.

      Also, genius, you don’t need to be a good shot to hit a 3 foot wide target at less than 100 yards with 3 shots from a gun shooting dozens and dozens of little pellets… it only takes one of those pellets gettign hit by the spinning blades of the multirotor and it would crash.

      You don’t seem to understand the laws regarding expectation of privacy (you have none the second you step outside your door), or basic physics, or units of distance, or even the concept of why shotguns are used to hit flying targets (like birds) for the exact reason you stated… because the shot pattern spreads out.

      All it takes is one pellet hitting a 3 foot circle and you can take out a fan, you see to have a hard time comprehending simple concepts.