Man banned for life from Starbucks speaks out on WGN Morning News

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Rob Rowen was banned from Starbucks for life.

He says people often parked in the handicapped spot outside his local Starbucks, and would run in for a quick cup of coffee.

He would take pictures of the cars that didn't have handicapped parking permits, and go inside the store and confront the owners of the cars.

He says one day, the manager asked him to leave.

Son after, Starbucks sent him a letter in the mail saying he was no longer welcome at any of its stores.

Starbucks has since changed its mind, and Rowen is welcome to get his coffee again.


  • Lucky Someone

    He should mind his own business and let the meter maids, policemen and ticket writers do their job. If you are not a placard holder or the driver of a holder why do you care that someone parks there…You don’t know what a person’s disability is just by looking at them.

    • Smart Person

      This is an incredibly uninformed comment. Nobody needs a “visible” problem. If you DO NOT have a handicap pass, you CAN NOT park there. Even if you’re in a wheel chair if you do not have the proper papers or insignia then you MAY NOT park there

      • Jim Dorf

        Certainly it is not his place to act as the “parking vigilante”. Period. He is welcome to notify the authorities of his concerns and that’s that.

  • Tami

    You never know how people are going to react in a confrontational situation, anger me i just might shoot you world we live in, he puts all in the store in the line of fire, he needs to become a meter person if he is that worried about, and i do understand the need for that spot to be open for those in need of it, I am handicapped

  • Dorothy Zbornak

    This is “journalism?” What a non-story. The worst part of this situation is that someone was drinking Starbucks coffee, which is supposedly full of GMOs.

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