Little girl born without arms meets, shares embrace with armless pilot

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Meeting your hero can be pretty amazing, just ask 3-year-old Ruth Evelyn Pranke.

The littler girl, who goes by RE, was born without arms and recently she got to meet, and hug, armless pilot Jessica Cox.

RE and her mother Karlyn Pranke, of St. Paul Minnesota, drove six hours to meet Jessica, ABC News reports.

“It was amazing,” mom Karlyn told ABC News. “I’m just grateful that we had the opportunity to show everyone that it doesn’t matter if you have arms or not, that you can do the same things as everyone else — you just may have to do it a little differently.

“I wanted her to see she doesn’t have to have arms. I wanted her to see all the things Jessica can do,” Karlyn said.

ABC News reports the Karylyn has wanted RE to meet Jessica for a long time.  Karylyn found out in her 20th week of pregnancy that RE would be born without arms.

In addition to be a pilot, Jessica is a motivational speaker and the subject of a new documentary called “Right Footed.”

A photo of RE and Jessica hugging was taken when they met and has gotten a lot of attention on social media Wednesday.

“When I meet a child without arms, it feels like I’m giving back,” Jessica told ABC News.. “It’s that feeling of ‘Oh, I’m going to be OK. I’m going to be able do everything this woman did,’ is what I’m giving back to RE and other children. It’s saying ‘I’m going to be just fine.'”


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