Rapper Chief Keef says he’s running for mayor of Chicago

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

CHICAGO — Rapper Chief Keef says he is running for mayor of Chicago. He announced his intentions on Twitter on Monday.

He also posted a photo to Instagram:

Sosa 4 Mayor

A post shared by Chief Keef (@chieffkeeffsossa) on

Keef is angry with Mayor Rahm Emanuel for canceling a concert because the mayor’s office said it posed a significant public safety risk.

“Yall gonna love me in the Office (sic),” Keef said in his Tweet.

Emanuel was sworn in for a four year term in May.

The concert was held in Hammond, Ind., on Saturday, but it only lasted four minutes before police shut it down.

Keef had to appear by hologram from Beverly Hills. He was unable to attend the concert in person because of outstanding warrants for his arrest in the city of Chicago.

Critics say Chief Keef’s rap lyrics often promote drug use, gangs and violence.

The concert was intended to raise money for Dillan Harris, the 13-month-old who was killed by a car trying to outrun police earlier this month.

An associate of Chief Keef, fellow Chicago rapper Marvin Carr, had been shot and killed moments before, allegedly by the driver of that car.

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  • Yo

    A registered voter- Doubt It
    A resident of the city of Chicago- Nope
    Without any debt, unpaid tax, lien or other obligation to the city of Chicago- Probably not
    Without a felony conviction or conviction for any infamous crime, bribery or perjury.- He’s as straight as an arrow

  • Will

    Too funny! Could you image what the city would look like if he was the Mayor? Open war zones across the city…I don’t think there would be a single tax-paying North Sider left if he actually became Mayor (which I know he has no chance of becoming). The city would complete its transformation into the paradise that is Detroit haha!

  • Mike

    Oh just what we need in this City, A ‘gangsta’ runnin’ da gangsta’s.
    Sorry, we have a bad enough mayor now. No need to make it any worse, even though I though it was not possible,

  • John

    I am always amazed how far WGN and the rest of the Chicago news media will go to keep promoting this Goof. News Media maybe your part of the problem, of promoting, empowering and what you then create is the event, except you not pulling the trigger. Sham on you news media!

  • Niya

    Youre running for mayor in the city of Chicago and the only votes you’ll be able to get is from people who are not even old enough to vote yet because they’re the only ones who listen to you. Sit the hell down and shut up.