Chrysler makes record-setting recall

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

DETROIT - Fiat Chrysler must buy back over 500,000 vehicles in the largest recall in United States history. The company is also fined a record penalty of $105-million for not properly fixing cars in previous recalls.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and Fiat-Chrysler reached a settlement over legal problems related to 24 recalls over Dodge Ram trucks and several Jeep models.

The buyback includes:

-2008 to 2012 Ram pick-ups

-2009 to 2011 models of the Dodge Dakota

-2009 version of the Dodge Durango.

-2002 to 2007 Jeep Liberty

- 1993 to 1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee.

The Dodge models have defective parts in the steering system, causing driver to lose control of the car.

The Jeep models included have rear-mounted gas tanks which can catch fire during an accident. There were 75 deaths reported from that problem.

Chrysler is required to buy back the affected models for the purchase price, minus deprecation. Owners can opt out of the buy back and get their vehicles fixed at the manufacturer's expense.

Last month, Fiat Chrysler recalled some of their 2015 models. 

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  • francisco agosto

    I called the dealer about the buy back recall,because my ram is there a this moment for a $1,500 repair that i have to paid,,and they said we dont know anything about that…

    • Chrristine

      Francisco if it’s about this recall call Chrysler direct make them call your dealer get your money back! And find out your options, ask that they 3 way the call

    • Christie

      I’m wondering this too! I just had the hitch installed three weeks ago, before any news about the buy back. I called Chrysler today and they had no information yet how to go about pursuing the buyback program. Please post if you hear something and I’ll do the same!

      • Jay Kelley

        Heard somewhere that Chrysler has 60 days to let owners know the details. My guess is the idea of $1000 over original paid price, minus depreciation, will not apply to us. (and just who determines the depreciation?) I believe that this deal is to incentivize those who have not responded to the recall notices. Since the alternative to the above is a trailer hitch and a $100 VISA card, I bet the best we do is a $100 card, and maybe not even that.

        We already have the “fix” and the extra incentives may not apply to us. However, the value of our car has just taken a nosedive. I believe we should receive compensation for that, but would be surprised if it works out that way. Just my opinion, of course.

  • Al Wendt

    I think the News groups should be asking the owners of the recent recall of Jeep SUV’s about this recall.

    Here are the reasons. I currently own two Jeep liberty SUV’s, a 2005 and 2007. And I have tried to have Jeep/Chrysler to follow the recall. But they do not care to fix anything they only want the record of the VIN to show they have inspected the vehicle. Then they are off the hook. Now they want to give the owners $100.00 to fulfill the recall and get that VIN and get the FED’s off their backs.

    The fix is a trailer hitch installed to protect the gas tank. The problem is they do not have the hitch to install. ( I already have a trailer hitch installed but they want the OEM hitch) To further insult the public is that the trailer hitch installed for this recall does not prevent the gas tank from being damaged of leaking gas after a rear end collision. Cases of collisions with the hitch prove this. (Remember the PINTO)

    I want to get rid of my Jeep Liberty, I have tried two times at different dealerships to trade in these SUV’s but they are now marking down the value of the SUV since they know the vehicle cannot be resold after this recent recall hits the news, (It is simple would you by property at Three Mile Island?)

    Sorry but the vehicles should be repaired equally how does a newer vehicle with steering problems get a buyback but a older vehicle that will explode if struck only gets $100.00 gift card?

  • Larry smith

    2005 jeep liberty, mine is in mint cond, will be paid off next year. I purchased the vehicle from a dealership, never fixed the recall for my hitch. Sold the vehicle under recall. Against the law to sell vehicles until all recalls are fix and turned into the state so they now that it was taken care off

  • Shirley Morris

    I have a 2007 jeep liberty have had problems with Windows 7 times the last time it cost me $352.00 to get it fixed they knew when they sold us the jeep there was a problems with Windows..we ask if there was any problems and was told no…we brought this in good faith and now I am left with the problem since my husband passed away…when I called Detriot about recalls I was told about a trailer hitch which we never had I didn’t want it was told they had to put it on anyway ..I am not concern about the hitch but the Windows and gas tank I feel it is their responsibly to fix their mistakes in a faulty products..I have written Chrysler.

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