New dash cam video shows another view of Sandra Bland’s arrest

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Prairie View, TX -- A different perspective of Sandra Bland's arrest was captured by newly released dash cam video. Footage from a second police car shows the moments following Sandra Bland's initial traffic stop on July 10.

When the camera begins rolling, the police car is en route to the scene. Once the officer arrives, police are seen walking around talking for a few minutes.  Bland is sitting in the rear of the squad car seen in the video. The low-quality video then shows a female officer taking Bland out of the vehicle and patting her down.

IN THE PLAYER ABOVE: A shortened clip of the dash cam video released. Bland can be seen around five minutes into the clip. The full videos can be seen below.

The video also shows an ambulance arriving at the scene, but Bland does not enter the ambulance in the video.

The footage was uploaded to YouTube late Friday evening by the City of Prairie View in Texas. The video was released in two parts, the first 17 minutes and the second video was 14 minutes. The video has no audio.

Calls by WGN to the City of Prairie View and Prairie View Police Department went unanswered regarding why the video was split into two parts.

This is the third and fourth dash cam video to be released from Bland's arrest. The first video released on Tuesday by The Texas Department of Public Safety was removed after questions arose because sequences appeared to have had glitches or been edited. The second video uploaded Wednesday shows the initial encounter between police and Bland.

Funeral services for Bland will be held Saturday in Lisle.

The moment of police interaction can be seen in the player above. Shortened video showing an ambulance arriving at the scene can be seen in the player below.





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    • Anita

      Two things. One-why were all those cops needed for one woman. Two-to anyone who says thats not an ambulance. It is there’s a tow truck and ambulance. You can see it pulling up in another video.

  • Aly

    Id like to know where the dash cam is from the beginning of the incident from while he was still driving following her before he pulled over in the first cops car is his dash cam just shows us after he pulled over an was getting out?An by the way that was a ambulance

    • Cecelia Aldridge

      I saw the video from the beginning yesterday, However, I’m not sure why that video is not circulating. It shows the officer closing out a stop with another driver. He is having a talk with her asking her is she there for school, how many classes is she talking, tells her good luck issues her a warning and says have a nice day. He pulls off and to the left from a side street you can see a car approaching and makes a right turn. He immediately makes a u turn and follows her. She pulls over slows down and stops. He gets out of the car walks over to the right side passenger side looks at the tags goes to the window says hello and asked is everything ok. Then he says “what’s wrong”, then is walks around to the otherside of the car and this is where the video picks up that everyone has seen.

      • vicki

        He made the U-turn when he saw her run a stop sign although he didn’t ticket her for it. all he was going to ticket her for was not using her blinker to change lanes. Watch the video again and watch her run the stop sign.

  • Joseph Broz.

    Failing to signal before changing lanes is a traffic violation. Asking the woman to put out her cigarette is a legitimate request; her refusal to do so told the officer he was going to have trouble. Asking her to get out of the car was reasonable, since by then she was disobeying and cursing the officer with words I have never heard come out of a young woman’s mouth. She called him several filthy names at least ten times each. That’s verbal assault. She forced the officer to pull her from the car constantly calling him dirty names. The officer had already written her a warning, but she continued her verbal assault on him. I saw her kick the officer and struggle against the handcuffs (resisting arrest) I have never seen anyone so abusive to a policeman. Everyone knows there’s a war on cops, especially black on white cops. If Bland I refuse to call her “Miss” because she acted like a gutter whore.

    Check this scenario: She puts her cigarette out, doesn’t keep calling the officer filthy names, accepts the ticket and goes on her way. No incident, no dead woman in the jail cell.

    Do what the officer tells you. Comply and keep your mouth shut. Don’t attack the officer trying to handcuff you. If you have a beef, tell it to the judge. Instead, we have a dead woman who would most likely be alive if she hadn’t refused to obey a police officer’s commands. Bland started the entire incident. I have never heard such a vile language from a woman’s mouth. Illinois, huh? Not surprising considering who comes from there. What a waste, all because of a woman’s foul mouth and failure to do what the officer asked.

    • Nichol

      You sound ridiculous and very uneducated. Yes Illinois! Oprah is from Illinois and you haven’t seen her behave as such! When you’re angry you tend to use foul language. The officer aggravated the situation due to him recognizing Ms.Bland was irritated. Why did it matter to him the reason she was irritated. He was to issue the warning and continue patrolling. So if that was your sister,mom, or aunt and refused to put out there cigarette, I guess they should be dead too! She was not a threat and the police need to be trained to handle these encounters alot differently. I’m getting out of my vehicle for an unknown reason. “I will light you up”. Threatening words used like that would’ve pissed me off too.

      • Nichol

        Response to TPM

        I wasn’t referring to Oprah as a role model if you reread my comment. I responded to a comment made that Sandra had a foul mouth which wasn’t a suprise since she’s from Illinois. I was merely and simply just saying Oprah is from Illinois and she’s successful.

    • Crystal

      You need to learn your rights. He had no business asking her to get out of the car or put out her smoke. He was to do his job and give her a ticket. .that’s it!

      • Legal Eagle

        You are correct. From a legal perspective the officer had no legal right to have her exist her vehicle. The officer asked Ms. Bland to put out her cigarette and Ms. Bland asked why. From that point on the officer was acting unlawfully. Had the officer done his job and wrote the ticket Ms. Bland would still be alive. This was clearly about the officers bruised ego. Ms. Bland is gone and the officers life will never be the same. This will haunt him forever and rightfully so.

    • who cares

      First of all, she doesn’t have to put the cigarette out. Sexond, the office has already said the officer was wrong throughout his entire procedure so your post is null. If he hadn’t broke protocol, this woman might still be alive. Must feel great to be an ignoramus.

    • Crys Walker

      Asking her to put out her cigarette or get out of her car are both unlawful requests. She is not required to follow unlawful commands. This officer had already given her a traffic citation and had no further reason to detain her other than the fact that his ego was hurt. Lawfully, citizens have the right to resist an unlawful arrest, which is what occurred here. Yes, she used foul words after being threatened and harassed. Should she smile and just submit? Imagine this: an officer maintaining professionalism despite a bruised ego. A woman pays for a traffic citation and continues to live. Much better scenario.

    • Robert W. Mays

      Sometimes you get what you give in life, so I hope this happens to your wife (or husband)- the cop was unprofessional, exceeded his authority, deliberately provoked the woman, and lied on his police report. His actions led to her death in a jail cell, and I hope he fired without benefits..

  • Tom Jeffries

    Living in Texas ,and moving from Illinois to be with my now wife, 2 points to make: I wonder if she was targeted for such a nonsensical traffic violation because of out-of-state plates. 2nd point: In Texas drivers are to move to farthest lane away from the stop and slow down…..I didn’t see any “flashing tail lights” to signify lane changing as cars went by.

    • colbey

      as she hadn’t yet committed the crime of failing to signal a lane change when the psychopathic cop began his pursuit of her, it seems more likely that he DID notice her out-of-state plates and/or, he saw a black driver, and he decided he was going to mess with/harass that person. the full dash-cam video shows he was going the opposite way when Ms. Bland turned right onto the road; he did a screeching U-turn to pursue her; with a cop car barreling up behind her, Ms. Bland moved quickly into the left lane to let the cop car pass, either forgetting to signal or not having enough time to do so. THEN the psychopath pulled her over and said he was doing so BECAUSE of the failure to signal. no explanation, yet, as to why he took off after her in the first place. i assume they are still working on trying to come up with something plausible for that.

  • James

    Where is the footage of the cop car that she was put in to?? that car dash cam can see the entire angle we need to see…

  • joe

    I’ll be glad when this issue fades away. She instigated the whole mess. She was stoned. A family soooo concerned that they let her sit in jail for three days. Always blaming others for their actions.

    • colbey

      your source for claiming she was stoned? did you get that from something released by Waller County? maybe from the autopsy they did? the autopsy they later said was “defective” when they contacted her family and asked them to return her body to texas so they could do another autopsy??

  • FishMan

    She Knew how the Game was Played. She did Not Want to Play. Sometimes in Life We Don’t Win!
    A Cop does NOT want you to have anything in your hands. Get it! The COP is The Law. File a Grievance later.

  • Lauren

    There are discrepancies in these videos. In the one taken from his dash cam his is the last car to drive away, there are no cars in front of him for a good while but in this footage the tow truck appears to leave at the same time as him. Also on this video he is parked at an angle towards the pavement, if this was the case we’d have been able to see onto the grass where he slammed her down. In his dashcam he is facing forward towards her car. These do not add up.

  • carolyn hardy

    The main concern is who killed Sandra bland ? And why ? Are you guys covering it up if she did it herself . they have edited tapes not one but all of them.the very first tape when they stage the act of finding her and the young man came out from the side rubbing the back of his head and an officer came out from behind him was white in the original tape now the officer is black see this ugly truth that has been going on for years needs to be exposed and punished everyone one involved everyone know about and did nothing said nothing is guilty and all should be brought down for it. And who told walker Texas that they can cut open her body an detraiman her cause of death with out permission of her mother she was not awarded to that state. That another form of cover up.I pray GOD Almighty put the right FBI man or woman on this case that can’t be bought or silents to save wrong doing people to keep doing wrong to other people and getting away with it. It doesn’t matter who it is .how high ranging they are tear the head down and let the body follow meaning all those that operates in this kind of madness bring them down too. This isn’t their first time they been doing it for some sick mess .a man thraot is cut ear is cut of but the cause of death was and over dose a lie to hide the truth. And the truth be told it’s to hard to face ‘to hear to believe and it hurts your eyes to even read it ,but it’s the truth any how. So how many more people do we have to watch die and listen to a lie to cover up the truth . enough ! Let the chips fall where they outta to fall in waller county Texas shut it down and lock them up or this sicken behavior will continue .let’s stop talking about change and change. Don’t allow your love ones to be next. FBI Authority please take Authority and bring them down!

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