Suburb’s decision to close school leaves students, parents on edge

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

FRANKFORT, Ill.  -- A multi-million dollar dilemma is facing a school district in the southwest suburbs.  They need to close a school. The question now is which one?

The wait for the answer has parents, teachers and especially students on edge this summer.

WGN's Tom Negovan has more.

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  • Rosanna

    Thank you WGN for allowing us to voice our concerns over this very distressing matter. The State of Illinois and the school district need to get it together. Cutting funding for the schools has got to stop. You are rolling the dice with the education of our future! We moved to Mokena because of the reputation of the schools in this district…all of them! It has been a great privilege to have our kids attend a brand new school. The students have worked very hard both academically and athletically to bring LW North to everyone’s attention. To think of it all vanishing and never hearing “It’s Good to be Gold” shouted out at an event breaks my heart. We have one child left in high school and she will be a Senior when whatever decision is made is put into action. Myself and all the parents in this school district are trusting the school board to make the best decision for all the students involved. We just hope that they have been honest and forthcoming with all of the information involved in their decision. For now and always….It’s Good to be Gold!

  • Laura

    Thank you WGN for the coverage about our schools. Hoping that the board makes the best financial decision for the district by keeping the newest schools open.

  • Tracy

    It’s sad a school has to close. What’s ridiculous is to close a school based on the possibility of “ghosts” the “might” happen in the future, i.e., housing in new Lenox. They built West because of those same ghosts that never happened. They’re about to make the same mistake by closing North and keeping West open. How many times will this board make the same mistake??? Ridiculous

  • Tina Saldana

    Thank you to WGN for covering this story! I have 2 children going to Lincoln Way North and I feel like they want to close the school that is the cheapest to operate, one of the newest schools, and one of the top national ranked schools with no solid reason.

  • Tina Wyatt

    Lincoln-Way District 210 includes 4 schools (Central, East, North and West). The buildings may be made of bricks and beams but there is nothing less than pride and school spirit holding up every wall. The Board must make the difficult decision to close 1 school – there will be no winners or losers – just an entire community of students and parents who will each need to adapt, overcome and come to grips with their own feelings. I am confident that our students have what it takes to rise above this challenge — after all, they are all Lincoln-Way students ! In our hearts we will always be – Knights, Griffins, Phoenix, and Warriors !!

    • Cam

      Too bad the Superintendent said at the last meeting “it doesn’t matter if you will be a Knight, a Warrior or a Griffin…..” (not sure about the order), but he forgot to say PHOENIX! So, yes, I think the board has already reached a decision and no matter how loud or passionate we get, it is not going to matter.