Man shot after pulling gun on officers in Englewood, police say

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

CHICAGO -- Chicago police shot a man they say pulled a gun and pointed it at officers. It happened in the 5600 block of South Morgan just after 1:30 a.m in the Englewood neighborhood.

The man identified by friends as 23-year-old Kenny Lewis was part of a large crowd in the middle of the street. Officers and witnesses say when police approached the crowd, one man ran away and pulled a gun and pointed it at police, forcing them to return fire.

A man in the crowd said it was a get together to remember the death of a friend who died in a car accident a year ago. Witnesses say they weren't causing any problems.

Police say people were "drinking and acting unruly."

A gun was recovered at the scene.

The man was treated at Stroger Hospital and is in custody, according to police.

No police officers were hurt.

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  • Brittaney

    We will be protesting on 56th Morgan for Justice …..the Police need to put their guns down and stop shooting us !!!!!! Justice needs to be serve plz come out !!!!!! When is it gonna stop ????

  • Brittaney

    The lies the police tell …..we were outside celebrating the life of a brother that was token from us due to a drunk driver 7/21/12 there was no “routy people” no more than 20 people outside when a squad car with 2 police officers pulled up no sirens they hoped out the car Kenneth started to run and they just open fire shooting more than 20 times at him while we was begging them to stop shooting … only hear the police side of the story when they’re in the wrong ….he did not pull a gun on them he was too busy running and trynna dodge bullets Thank God he only got him those couple of times …..Police are to serve and protect not shoot to kill and that’s what they were trying to do …..plz come help us protest 56th Morgan @ 7pm

    • Brian

      So he runs from police, pulled a gun, which they recovered, points it at the cops and you wonder why he got shot??? Im extremely confused about what you are protesting…Brittaney, I think the only protest you should be doing is protesting why people in your neighborhood are walking around with concealed weapons and pointing them at cops. Unless of course we come to find out that he LEGALLY owned that gun and had a conceal/carry permit. Something tells me that is not the case though. If so, i will gladly retract my statement

      • Brittaney

        First off he did not have a gun he did not point a gun that’s why I’m protesting you can’t go off what 2 police officers say when it was more than 20 witnesses who saw everything…. Brian u can’t believe everything you see on the news u are being very naive ….right is right and wrong is wrong and the police is very wrong …..all of our black men are dying in the hands of the police

      • williamsericka30

        You can’t run, pull a gun out and point it, with a cup in your hand all at the same time. They claim he pointed his gun at them but they shot him in his back. He ran for whatever reason that doesn’t mean shot. They could’ve done some real police work and chased after him. The objective was to apprehend him. They could’ve used there taser to slow him down. They choose to start shooting. They shot more than 20 times. According to the police they were responding to a large unruly crowd. They could’ve killed a lot of people cause clearly can’t shoit . They shot people cars up. We all know no matter the neighborhood, there is never one police vehicle to break up a crowd of people. So before u crucify him get the facts.


    If he was not guilty then why did he run? Hey its the police i didn’t do any thing wrong but let me run for the fun of it yeah ok that makes a lot of sense!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • williamsericka30

      When the police pulled up they were not in a police car, no lights on. It’s Englewood when a car pulls up with no lights or sirens. You run first ask questions later. Unfortunately it was the cops who clearly wanted to shot instead of defusing the situation

  • williamsericka30

    U can’t pull a gun and run at the same time with a cup in your hand. U can’t point a gun and get shot in your back at the same time. Never ever has there ever been only one police car show up to breakup and unruly crowd of people. Brian according to the news there was a huge crowd. Who’s to say the gun was Kenny’s? You can’t always judge a book by it’s cover. Why do cops have guns? Why did they chose to shot him and not Taser him? Stopping him from running was the objective right? So before crucify him and

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